Steve Meyer is a visual artist, animator, and film maker who recently escaped New York. He currently freelances out of BOK in South Philadelphia and teaches an After Effects class at Uarts.

Over the past 7 years he has been writing, directing, designing, and animating music videos with Jack Kubizne. Their collected works have been featured on The Creators Project, Pitchfork, MTV, Rolling Stone, Stereogum, DIY Mag, and most recently Adult-Swim.

He has also created commercial work for Han Dynasty (EAT HERE), House of YES, Bacardi, and EKOCYCLE.

In his personal work he explores psychological landscapes, memory, and dreams. He is also inspired by dystopian cinema, poetry, underground comics, and documentaries. He is excited to experiment with animation as a medium, and exploring its possibilities in comics, dance, performance, and installation based sequential art.