Steve Winfield Meyer

(b. 1988)



2013 BFA Traditional Animation / Film, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn NY

2011 AFA, magna cum laude, Traditional Animation / Film, DCAD, Wilmington DE


Awards and Residencies

2018 Ghostscout Training Camp Year 7

2011 Pratt Presidential Scholarship

2011 Reader at the DCAD Art History Symposium


Exhibitions and Screenings

2019 Hot Boxes An Augmented Reality Gallery Group Show at Klip Collective, Philadelphia PA

2018 Walkie Talkies An Augmented Reality Gallery Group Show at Deux Wave, Philadelphia PA

2018 Annual Philadelphia Independents Animation Festival Curated by Christopher Magee,

The Plastic Club, Philadelphia PA

2015 The Animated Eye 2 Curated by Christine Wu, New York NY

2015 The Animated Eye Curated by Christine Wu, Eyedrum Gallery, Atlanta GA

Teaching Experience

2019, Animation Principles at University of the Arts

2018-Present, Compositing and Special Effects at University of the Arts

Professional Experience

2019 Cracked Porcelain by Kris Kelly Official Music Video

Writer / Director / Designer / Lead Animator

2019 Endless Summit: Volume 1 Ghostscout Zine


2019 EU Election: Protect Yourself From Manipulation for Mozilla

Co-Creator / Storyboards / Animation

2018 IRL Podcast Season 3 Trailer for Mozila

Concepts / Character Design / Animation

2018 Little Cinema's Dark Side of the Rainbow at House Of YES

Emerald City background Illustration

2018 Rudy by Bliss FM Official Music Video

Co-Director / Lead Animator / Color Stylist

2017 Ms. Secret by Avey Tare Official Music Video

Lead Animator / Concept / Design

2017  Bacardi Projection animation for House Of YES

2016 Sudden Roots by Teen Body Official Music Video

Animated Credits

2016 Bored Window by Teen Body Official Music Video

Animated Credits

2015 Noodle Loop and Awards Animation for Han Dynasty

2014 EKOCYCLE  Stop Motion Advertisement

Co-Director / Design / Stop Motion Animation

2014 Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks Interactive Website

Bat Loop (All Assets)

2013 Monkey Riches by Animal Collective Official Music Video

Lead Animator  / Stop Motion Puppeteer  / Color Stylist

2012  Stay Useless by Cloud Nothings Official Music Video

Lead animator / Story / Character Design

2011 Oliver Twist by Avey Tare Official Music Video

Animation /  Animation Cleanup



2018 oMo by Pete Brensinger

Foley Recording / Color Stylist / Assistant Editor

2018 Faded by Opia Official Music Video

Production Assitant

2017 MOONRIDER by James Kwan

Pencil Test Animation / Character Turn-Arounds

2015 SERVO by Jared Schwartz

Production Assistant / Assistant Editor / Color Stylist


Voice Acting

2018 Arc Whistler Radio play by Pete Brensinger

Squadron Captian

2013 Breadheads by Cody Walzel

Thin Soldiers



Directing, Storyboarding, Writing, Pre-production, Hand-drawn Animation (Digital or Paper), Stop Motion Animation, Character Design,

Editing, Compositing, Color Correction



Adobe After-Effects, Adobe Animate, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Dragonframe